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Kief Infused, Hand Made
12 Petite Joints

Petite Joints

Our petite joints are hand made with unbleached natural papers, filled with whole flower organic medical cannabis, and decadently dusted with kief. Each tin is strain specific, featuring Blue Dream, LA Dream, Gorilla Glue #4, Purple Gorilla Glue, or Sour Diesel.

Tin of 12 Petite Joints

Each petite joint provides a half of a gram, a perfectly tailored dose for those who might find the full gram dosage of a typical joint to be a bit too cumbersome.

Available in a tin of 12, containing a quarter of an ounce of the highest quality organic medical cannabis.

Many other minij's on the market are made with shake and filler. We create the finest and smoothest smoking minij by using ONLY high quality flowers with zero shake as filler, and all stems are removed while we process the flower.

With La Notes pre-rolls, life will always be la vie en rose!

Case of 25 Tins

Available in a case of 25 tins, with optional display shelf. Includes 5 tins of each 5 different strains.

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La Notes petite joints are California’s premier choice for cannabis lovers and connoisseurs alike.

At La Notes, we are committed to offering a wholesome and decadent smoking experience of the highest caliber with sophistication you can taste and potency that you can feel. Ooh la la!

Each hand rolled petite joint is filled with select premium organic medical cannabis from trusted, local, artisanal growers. We use the whole flower, with no shake, trim or other fillers. These are the creme de la creme of pre-rolled joints. Guaranteed to impress and satisfy the most discerning palate.

Housed in a discreet and elegant tin, La Notes are conveniently sized, portable, and travel friendly.

We use unbleached natural papers and the highest quality medical cannabis that is always sun grown, deliciously organic, and delightfully robust.

La Notes joints are so good and so smooth - designed to fill you with the exuberant enjoyment of life, the joie de vivre!

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